Orange Sunshine

If you loved Orange Creamsicles as a kid or still enjoy them as an adult, you will love this cocktail. 

Serve them up for starters or as a creamy delicious finish to a great night.   Add an orange wedge for a great orange aroma when you sip.  If you choose to do these for dessert, add a dollop of whipped cream to make them more decadent.   


  • 1-1/2 oz. Grand Marnier
  • 2-1/2 oz. vanilla-infused vodka (such as Stoli Vanilla)
  • 2 1/2 cups of orange sherbet
  • 1 cup vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1 dash vanilla extract
  • 2 cups ice

Add all the ingredients in the blender, adding the ice last. Blend until smooth. Serve in a chilled glass of your choice





  1. Um. Yes please. I will take one.Sounds good, I am going to have to take a break away from tequila and try this cocktail.Enjoy,elena

  2. Yum yum yum, and especially if I can have it in a fancy glass like that! Haha. Good recipe Patty 🙂

  3. No. 7 says:

    Can I drink one for breakfast, Patty? Would that be bad? I love Creamsicles but I've never actually tried the drink version.

  4. Slidecutter says:

    @No.7…I try to make each cocktail recipe I share..wholesome. Something that's perfect for Breakfast. lolol@TGN…There's just something about the shape or decoration on glassware that makes even plain water taste better.@Elena…Do try it and enjoy!

  5. b. lee says:

    luv me some creamsicles * * mouth is watering … a.g.a.i.n ~ ~

  6. Rachel says:

    Stopping by from FTLOB!! That sounds so good!! I loved Creamsicles when I was a kid!!Hope you have a wonderful day!:)Rachel

  7. I SO could use one of these about now. Sounds delicious. It's been so long since I've had a creamsicle. Yum.

  8. Kate Weber says:

    Oh man! Dreamsicles were the best thing ever! I'm new here, found you through FTLOB! Feel free to check me out too!

  9. Ashley says:

    I love Thursdays at your place, you always have me dying for a yummy cocktail! xo

  10. Slidecutter says:

    @ Rachel and Kate…Thanks so much for stopping by; will be hopping-over to visit both of you!@Katie…The first really warm day we get in NY, I plan on making these when I fire-up the outside kitchen. I', SO ready for Summer!@Ashley…Next week I have another one planned using my fav, JackD. Sinful and Slushy!

  11. Amber_D says:

    That is the perfect information for a Friday afternoon. Thanks!

  12. (drools on keyboard)

  13. Mmmm, sounds yummy.

  14. Stopping by from the hop, hope you'll come visit, too!

  15. Rancher Mom says:

    That cake looks tasty!Following you from the blog hop!Come check out my coupons and whatnot!We have cookies!!…Sorry, I couldn't help it. I blame the medication because I threw out my back due to fatness. Love you Patty! (And I totally need to try the dreamsicle booze)

  16. Joelle says:

    There's this bar by my parent's house that has the most amazing creamsicle martini! My husband is an aspiring bartender himself, so I might need him him to make one of these for me. Visiting from FTLOB. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!xoxoxo,Joelle

  17. actually, I'll take two drinks, thank you!Grace oops I didn't mean to put in my email address! could you delete that earlier one please Patty?

  18. VaishVijay says:

    This is what I need after a long hot day like, today! Came to your blog via FTLOB…BD wishes to yr g'son's, have a good day:)

  19. We love creamsicles and this looks delish! Don't think I should try this before church, might get a little too loopy… then again…Cherie

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