A matter of opinion…

We all have those special moments with our children, and grandkids, that are golden; times that bring a smile and rest gently in our memories.

I had the pleasure of going to a play this afternoon with my soon-to-be-14 granddaughter, Emma, who invited me to join her and it was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  A local youth theater group put on a production of Once On This Island and I don’t know what I enjoyed more, the play or watching Emma’s expressions as each act unfolded.  I leaned over and whispered to her that I felt she should register for the next workshop but Emma giggled, saying “Grandma…I can’t sing!  I’ve heard myself and I sound just awful!” 

No she doesn’t.  Well, only when she sings along to Pierce the Veil but…that’s a story for another time. 

Back to the play…

Two of the talented young people in this performance, Brad Taylor and Dylan Meehan,  recently became an internet sensation when they were voted “Cutest Couple” in our local high school’s yearbook and I was pleased about the validation each received from the student body, faculty and majority of our community.  Even the comments left about this same-sex couple on news articles posted on the web were mostly positive on the boy’s behalf.  Mostly.  As expected from various internet trolls, some statements weren’t worth spending the time to read.  But, that’s what opinions are, personal beliefs, right or wrong, which everyone is entitled to express.

The play ended and Emma went up on stage to congratulate a few friends, including Brad;  I watched the exchange of heartfelt hugs that had all the young people swaying as if they were dancing to a favorite song.  During the ride back home, Emma shared how there had been a discussion at school when the high school yearbook made the news; most students in her 8th grade class spoke supportively and with acceptance.  One..did not.  When the classmate was asked why, they stated that Brad and Dylan’s relationship was not God’s way

Emma felt the attitude of this person was ridiculous and I quickly agreed but had to remind her about those…opinions.  My brilliant grandchild related that she, along with her classmates, simply listened to what this one person had to say, smiled, and chose not to respond or feed into a debate where negativity was sitting by itself at a desk.  Each, in their own way, held onto their positive opinions about gay relationships while respecting those of another. 

The wisdom, and maturity, of an almost 14 year old to gather up support and acceptance for others, standing firm in her beliefs, warmed my heart.  Emma will never be a bully and she certainly won’t back down in face of anyone who seeks to challenge her, on any level.  She is so different from how I was raised and educated.   I often laugh to myself when she asks me to teach her things, knowing that someday soon, I’ll have to tell her that I’ve learned so much more…from her.

And…she can sing.

A little.     

A matter of opinion.    





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