Living in interesting times…

This election process has been unprecedented.  The most negative part of it has been the surging divisiveness which reached almost epidemic proportions during this race for the presidency.

It’s over for some who feel the unthinkable has happened.  It’s just beginning for others, represented by the sweeping of red across the political map of our country.  Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing but we must all agree on the importance of much-needed change in our government on so many levels. 

As would be expected, social media is awash with comments from both sides and the projections of “no second term”, “no pity party” would have been directed at whichever candidate won this election.  The deluge of debate will continue long past this and many days ahead. 

It won’t be easy, just has it hasn’t been for the current leader of the free world.  We live in treacherous times.  While this election may be about the performance and policies of our government, truly, it is about each of us, our lives, our families and the future of all who follow behind. 

From the beginning, this campaign was about voting for the lesser of two evils, plain and simple.  The people of our great country have made that choice and there are no further options other than for everyone to move forward beyond the anger and disillusionment…and pray.



Our government… teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy. ~Louis Brandeis



Those sticks and stones….

Wow….Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop came up with a good one this week in a list of writing prompt ideas….The last time someone called you a name.


I laughed to myself and thought it would be more difficult to write about when someone didn’t call me a name! 

Let me expand on that.

First, a little self name-calling here…I tend to be a bitch.  Fairly well educated, accomplished, decent dresser, great cook but…terribly bitchy.  Hey, I’m the first to acknowledge what I am and I do it well.  I’ve earned this title!

But, harsh words coming from another direction well, that’s something else entirely.  Whether in a moment of heated discussion or any other situation, being the recipient of a nasty name can cut into your soul like a knife.  I’m guessing what hurts the most is your realization that others see you in some type of tarnished light, depending on whatever confrontation is involved.  Then again, there are people who thrive on name-calling in some effort to hold power over another.

What this brings me to are words that have stayed embedded in a corner of my mind since childhood and more than any derisive comment which has been thrown at me over the years.  Growing-up and frequently hearing “you’re just a dumb, stupid kid” from my late father have left their impact.  To this day, if I fudge some task I’m working on or make a big mistake (which happens often), his jabbing words come back like ghosts that haunt me.  Depending on the circumstance,  I’ll mutter to myself how dumb and stupid I’ve been.

Whether ignorance along with some willful bad parenting is the culprit,  calling names, in any form, leaves a lifelong hurt.   We yell at our children or call them names wrapped in negative connotations to try to get them to stop doing things we don’t like.  We make them feel bad about themselves or with whatever situation they are involved in.  And yes, I’m guilty of doing the same to my children during their formative years.  Children learn what they live and there is absolutely no excuse for perpetuating the unacceptable behaviors of one’s past.

So, the last time someone called me a name?   I did.  Just now.  Don’t ask.











Some of the most intense disagreements we find ourselves embroiled in are from being mistaken.  Misguided emotional responses to various situations can perpetuate never-ending bad feelings with others. Especially where family is concerned.

I write a great deal about how life is just too damn short to get caught in such turmoil.  Most of us feel that way, I’m guessing.  People back into their respective corners and dig their heels in to prove a point or respond to some issue that challenges them.   No room is left for forgetting…or forgiving.

These sensitive issues hit home when the holidays come around each year; a time for everyone to share joyful times and laugh at old memories while making new ones.   Sadly, many are only able to recall what once was, before disagreements became the ruling factor in precious relationships.

Again, in too many families, this scenario takes place much too often.  Comments that should never have been made or actions that were inappropriate.  Years pass by and, what was based on some errant point of view, grows into a hardened mass of separation and indifference, all because people were unable to meet in the middle and admit they were…mistaken.



From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop….Write a blog post inspired by the word: mistaken. 


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