Fond memories of what once was are often much better than what actually took place.  So are dreams.


Time does that.  It tends to erase so much.  Like, romanticizing things.   Almost in an attempt to blanket all that might have been painful so long ago.  And, those situations we wish could have had happier endings.  Dreams are much like old photo albums.  With each turn of the page, a moment jumps out at us.  It lingers for a while, softening into a cloud of wishful thinking.


And memories.  Like raking leaves every Autumn, when we reach into a pile and pick out the prettiest ones, stopping to admire their vibrant colors before gently sweeping them into a mound.  Then, we watch the wind carry them away. 



Fond memories of what once was are often much better than what actually took place.  So are dreams.






My choice from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop…..Write a post that begins and ends with the same sentence.



A sacred passage…

Familiar warmth is slowly disappearing.   The palette of bright colors on beaches has faded, packed away until another time.  The sounds of laughter and fun no longer compete with the roar of the ocean.

Lazy days now give way to busy schedules. Gone are the warm nights with gentle breezes that peek into windows while fireflies dance outside in the darkness.

Time keeps passing, much too quickly. All that had just begun ends with a turn of a calendar’s page.  Local shops signal endings while beckoning new beginnings. 

Days grow painfully shorter.  Flowers, once bright and fragrant, struggle to keep their blooms.  Too soon, all will to be turned into garden statues by an early frost.   Slowly, the curtain closes on one more summer. 

The changing of seasons is always a sacred passage.






More inspiration from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop and very fitting as we welcome September!  Write a blog post in exactly 13 lines. 


What I’ve learned on Facebook…


When Mama Kat’s Writing Prompts hit my inbox the other day, I immediately knew which one to choose. “10 things you have learned about politics from Facebook.”   Then, once finished, I sat back and thought of how different things were before social media came to pass.  I’m certain that, with this present political event, there would still be divisions of American humanity with opposing sides supporting their particular candidate.  That’s how it’s always been but, between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…there is open political warfare going on everywhere!


To make my response a tad more interesting, I made a game of sharing my “knowledge” using the word “Politics”….


People.  Many are conflicted.  No, make that constipated with this entire election brouhaha. Friendships are being compromised as posts and silly graphics fly-by on the social media’s website.  Some are fairly witty, others, well, insulting as directed to a specific candidate.  Yes, I’ve shared a few.  Don’t judge me.

Opinions.  One expressed, every five seconds. Or less.  And arguments.  Holy crap!   Someone should check Facebook data on how many un-friending incidents have taken place in recent months.  

Liberals.  Oh yes.  They’re out there.  Thankfully, I’m not one.  Nuff’ said.  However, I firmly believe that politicians, like diapers, should be changed frequently.  And for the same reason.

Idiocy.  That falls into opinions, above.  See my additional rant below about Media behavior. I don’t care what your fav network is, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, FOX….village idiots, one and all.

Trump.  Like him, dislike him.  All in all, the lesser of two evils.  He makes some great points but, oh, that mouth!  I mean, there is a damn good reason why The Donald has made it this far.  Just have been unable to figure that out!

Islam.  Touchy subject.  All religions, and those who follow same, should be respected.  The dark side of Islam as we have sadly come to witness, thrives on an ideology of radicalism and the destruction of all humanity who live outside their beliefs. 

Clinton.  Like her, despise her.  She frightens me.  Considerably.  Lies, deceptive practices and her callous comment at the Benghazi hearings… “What difference does it make?”.utterly reprehensible and unforgivable.  

Sanders.   He put out a valiant effort in seeking the nomination; had some admirable ideas, however Socialist-based they were.   Now, he’s busy, busy, busy launching his new group, “Our Revolution”.   I feel the Bern already.


Two more…

Mainstream Media. Totally biased in their reporting.  Of everything.   Whatever happened to just stating the facts without undue sensationalism added to the mix?    The media is so guilty of stirring the pot of dissention with every tragic incident, downplaying important political issues in favor of one candidate over another and twisting headlines that appeal to those who are easily swayed by tabloid-type innuendo, not fact.

POTUS.  We all know who this is.  Currently.  Not a fan, never have been, never will look back with much praise for the job he was entrusted to perform.  It has absolutely nothing to do with race, don’t even go near putting any type of negative spin on it.   Let’s face it.  Day one, when he walked into the Oval Office, he probably took a deep breath and thought “what the hell have I gotten myself into!”   After almost eight years, he probably cannot wait to pass the turmoil of the position to his successor.   God help us all.  All I can keep thinking of is a line from the Ferris Bueller movie….”I weep for the future.”


And all of this, dear readers who peruse my website, is what I have learned about politics on Facebook.


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