Some of the most intense disagreements we find ourselves embroiled in are from being mistaken.  Misguided emotional responses to various situations can perpetuate never-ending bad feelings with others. Especially where family is concerned.

I write a great deal about how life is just too damn short to get caught in such turmoil.  Most of us feel that way, I’m guessing.  People back into their respective corners and dig their heels in to prove a point or respond to some issue that challenges them.   No room is left for forgetting…or forgiving.

These sensitive issues hit home when the holidays come around each year; a time for everyone to share joyful times and laugh at old memories while making new ones.   Sadly, many are only able to recall what once was, before disagreements became the ruling factor in precious relationships.

Again, in too many families, this scenario takes place much too often.  Comments that should never have been made or actions that were inappropriate.  Years pass by and, what was based on some errant point of view, grows into a hardened mass of separation and indifference, all because people were unable to meet in the middle and admit they were…mistaken.



From Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop….Write a blog post inspired by the word: mistaken. 



  1. John Holton says:

    Misunderstandings, especially between family members, can be especially difficult, because too often battle lines are drawn and other family members find it necessary to take sides. My grandfather and his sister-in-law were estranged for years over events that happened after my grandmother died. Seems he had fallen in love again very soon after and couldn’t admit it (he was definitely old-school, where men don’t discuss their feelings) and hurt her terribly. What finally got them speaking again was my brother’s birth; his father (Mom’s second husband) told them that he wanted them both to be in Pat’s life, and they had better bury the hatchet. Good post!

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